Limit orders not completing.


I am using a strategy which which places limit orders. Sometimes orders are not completed due to market volatility and my code cancels any open orders and places a market order in that case. API is working fine and latency is 100-150 ms. It is not HFT and places 2 or 3 orders every 10min. Can anyone help with this?
I have also provided a websocket code, if there is any problem, please tell.
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    SRIJAN edited July 2022
    Kite Connect APIs are for retail users only. It is not a suitable product for time based or latency based strategies.

    You can go for colocation setup at the exchange. Zerodha can help you setup lease lines. It costs upwards 18 lakhs/annum. You can write to kiteconnect(at), if you are interested. Someone from the relevant team will get back to you.
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    As I wrote, the api is working fine. I feel problem is in my code (websocket maybe).
    SRIJAN edited July 2022
    I don't see any problem in your code.
    This is normal latency.

    Limit orders provide desired price,but there are chances of limit orders not being completed.
    You can try market orders if they suit your strategy.

    Anyways,if 100ms latency is too much for you,this means your strategy is latency based.
    As told above, KiteConnect APIs are not suitable for latency based strategies.
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