order status on missed `trigger pending`


If I put an sl sell order, price = trigger price = 100

My question is;
a) if ltp jumps above 100, directly to 110/-, what will the 'ORDER STATUS' change to in such a condition?
b) if lot sz = 50, qty is 200, filled qty is 50, what will be the 'ORDER STATUS' change to in such a condition?

Thanks for your help.
    SRIJAN edited August 2022
    a).If you are placing a stoploss sell order,then it means that the price is already above 100.
    So,order status will be 'TRIGGER PENDING' still.

    I guess you mean a stoploss buy order.
    In that case if the price jumps directly to 110,your stoploss order will be triggered,and status will be 'OPEN'.

    If it's a SL-M order,your order will get executed at current market price.

    If it's a SL Limit order as in your example case,then a limit order with your defined price i.e 100 will be sent to the exchange.
    This means that your order will only execute when price comes back to 100, otherwise your stoploss order will be open,and if price moves higher,your losses will continue to increase.

    You can read more about stoploss orders here:


    b). Order status will be 'OPEN' until full quantity has been filled. After that it will change to 'COMPLETE'.
  • raja1sttarde
    @SRIJAN , you are right. What I meant was SL BUY. if the price jumps, what will be the `order status`?

    Yes,I understood it. I have edited my comment,and answered your query.
  • raja1sttarde
    @SRIJAN thanks. I was under the impression that SL-M orders are not allowed in NFO section. Is that true?
    SRIJAN edited August 2022
    Only for options SL-M order have been discontinued.
    It has been told in the support article mentioned in my above comment.
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