Reverse Credit

I bought extra credit for API usage till Nov I want to ensure it is done only till Sep-2, can you reimburse the remaining money back.
    You can write to kiteconnect(at) for payment related queries.
  • naveen278
    I wrote to them and they are not ready to give money back, how do we escalate this? I told them I accidently paid for many months extra since I was thinking it will be credit card payment but later realized it will go from account and I accidently clicked the account multiple times. That team is giving excuses for not paying money back
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    You should read the terms and conditions of
    KiteConnect APIs before speaking ill of the business team.

    Any charges once paid are non-refundable.

    You can only request the team,not force them.

    Their decision is final.
  • naveen278
    My APP got deleted by the team and they have asked me to recreate it., So in the new app I see the API key from but were can I find the secret key I dont see secret key in the App page only API key
  • naveen278
    I see the APP as active also.,
  • naveen278
    but need secrete key.
  • naveen278
    Ignore it I got the answer.
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