How to get live ticker data for 100 devices, as we get only limit of 3 websocket connections per app

I'm developing product which will be installed on hundreds of devices. So i want to show ticker data on each of these individual devices which means there will be hundreds of websocket connection established but kite gives us only 3 websocket connection limit per api key, so how i can achieve this?

How Sensibull is able to achieve this if they are using kite web socket streaming?
    SRIJAN edited August 3
    By default,an API_key is provided for personal use only,i.e restricted to a single Zerodha user_id.
    You should get approval by the compliance team before going ahead to develop an app for mass use.

    For multi-user access(and your query),you can check with the compliance team . Write to kiteconnect(at) Make sure you include complete information about your product.
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