Risk for Algo trading through someone - Fraudlent Practices!

Hi All ,

I am new to algo trading space, just one question I have got algo developed by someone who kind of replicates the trades from one zerodha account to other zeroidha accounts .

Recently i came across a friend of mine who made me aware that algo has risks as one can potentially change the script to buy the illiquid options through your money which is rigged and the other side getting profits.

My questions
1) Is this possible ?
2) Can you suggest ways to mitigate these risk ?
3) If we host on our server , can we mitigate the risk ?

  • ZerodhaAlgoTrading
    no one can able to buy with your money unless you share your trading terminal username & password.

    if these are reaching from your computer to another end , yes , there is risk depends on other person.

    if there is well designed program (username and password should not step out from your side) which is hosted in your own server or AWS server then it's impossible to crack anyone.

    Thanks !
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