CNC order with target

Hi Team,

How I can place CNC order with my target value?
    After buying the instrument,you can place a gtt order:
  • gurpalgwebs
    Thanks @SRIJAN
    How can I pass my last order id with GTT? I only want to sell those stocks which was purchased today not those which are in my holdings.
    SRIJAN edited August 2022
    You can't use order IDs in the place orders/gtt APIs.

    If you want to trade intraday,then you should use MIS product,not CNC.

    And then you shouldn't place gtt, just place a limit order like you would do on Kite app/web.

    The KiteConnect APIs just do what Kite does ,nothing extra.
    So,all the things work the same as on Kite.
  • gurpalgwebs
    Ok thank you for quick response.
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