Access token error

Dear All,

1. Below error occurred while I try to generate Access token after trading hours and it was on Saturday night.
Anyone please help.

DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool:Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool: "POST /session/token HTTP/1.1" 200 None

KeyError Traceback (most recent call last)
9 data = kite.generate_session(request_tkn, api_secret = asecret)
10 kite.set_access_token(data["access_token"])
---> 11 print(data["access token"])

KeyError: 'access token'

2. Also anyone can get me live stream options chain and greeks python code?

Thank you so much

Best regards
    1. Learning python,and using basic common sense would solve this issue.
    You are getting key error and not any error from KiteConnect (the status is 200).
    Now,I would leave it on you to find the error.

    2. Going by your previous discussions, I guess you want direct codes.
    We don't provide programming support on this forum.
    You can contact the freelancers on this forum.
  • khalid
    Thank you.
    I have solved the issue myself.
    I really does not know what is this forum for?.
    Everyone will not be perfect in everything. Someone will have programming skills and others may good trading strategy to apply. While both combine only, a better strategy can execute. I have several tried several freelancers to write program for me, however, it is too difficult them to convince the strategy which i wanted to execute.
    Now I feel, Kite account holders run their life behind the access connection issues for couple of weeks, it will generate some income for you people. This is called risk free income.
    SRIJAN edited August 2022
    This forum is purely dedicated to technical queries related to KiteConnect APIs.

    We don't provide support for programming issues or any other local issues. And this has been mentioned uncountable times on this forum.

    About your hate comment on KiteConnect and this forum, there is no problem with KiteConnect APIs.

    Your 'issue' was a basic key error. It's not even really an 'issue' .

    Can you explain to me,how is anyone in this world earning 'risk free income' from the error occuring in your program by your mistake? :p

    Think before making a comment! :p
  • khalid
    You have mentioned it is minor error but you do not want to help your client to solve the same?
    The reason is what have mentioned,
    people continuous to pay monthly INR 2000 fee by being spending time without solving this minor error. That is called risk free income. So hope you understand what I have explained.
    SRIJAN edited August 2022
    There are rules on every forum.
    This forum is only for KiteConnect APIs ,not to teach you programming.

    Your error isn't a KiteConnect error.

    Nowhere in the terms and conditions of KiteConnect APIs has been written that we would provide programming support.
    The money you pay is so that you can use the KiteConnect APIs, maintaining which is an extremely hard task.

    You get technical support on this forum free of cost,be thankful for it.

    Ask any technical query related to KiteConnect APIs and you would get help.

    Stop making hateful comments about KiteConnect and this forum when you can't abide by the rules.
  • khalid
    I am not such a person spreading any hate comments. Your first comments indirectly says, I have no commonsense. That's leads to all the comments.
    SRIJAN edited August 2022
    >:) >:)
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