delay in response from zerodha when placing orders

rjamitsharma edited August 2022 in API clients
my system has been working so long buy now a days facing delay in order placement api . it is taking aprrox 7 seconds to response . I have tried with kite python library and even with basic http request both are giving issue . I have tried with multiple pcs so its not issue with my pc only

my code for python http request is as follows :

ptime=time.time()'',data={'variety': 'regular', 'exchange': 'NSE', 'tradingsymbol': 'ICICIBANK', 'transaction_type': 'SELL', 'quantity': 50, 'product': 'MIS', 'order_type': 'MARKET'},headers={'X-Kite-Version': '3', 'User-Agent': 'Kiteconnect-python/3.9.4', 'Authorization': 'token api:token'})
print(time.time()-ptime,'first time')

this is taking almost 7 seconds every time in response

and same in kite python library

can anyone help please
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