volume = 0 for every ticker in every tick

    Please read the documentation properly:

    The volume is actually the volume traded for the day.

    You would have fetched these quotes on a day when these contracts were not traded, hence 0 volume.
  • kiri
    kiri edited August 2022
    these contracts were traded .. but still volume is zero
    u can see that the expiry was 25th and the current date of recording is 22
    Exchange timestamp is the timestamp when the tick was sent by the exchange.

    It doesn't necessarily mean that there was a trade at that timestamp.

    Refer this thread:

  • kiri
    here are all the ticks of nifty future i saved that day .... price changing . oi changing . volume is still 0
    SRIJAN edited August 2022
    This can't be. If there was any problem with the websocket on that day ,this forum would have been flooded with queries about this issue.

    Not only this,the Kite web/app use the same websocket data. If there was an issue,every user of Kite would be asking this.

    I also use Kite every day,there was no issue with volumes or any other data on that day.

    This means there is some problem in your code, it's not retrieving the volume from the ticks correctly.
  • kiri
    i have been encountering this issue since day 1 ..ever since my kite subscription started....didnt need the volume data at first but now i actually the need the volume , so have to sort this out .
  • kiri
    ill post the live ticks during market hours so u can verify it
  • kiri
    the ticks have volume in them but when i convert them to a dataframe volume column becomes zero

  • kiri
    okay got it the column name is volume_traded .... now im getting the volumes
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