Maximum allowed order requests exceeded

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I had made a change to my algo to increase the frequency of my trades and reduce risk. However, after 2992 orders in 5 hours (1 order per 6 seconds), I got the dreaded "Maximum allowed order requests exceeded" error. I changed my algo to reduce the number of orders, but ever since the above error was seen, no new order is going through. What is going on? This will lead to large losses for me.
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    I called support, who said you have introduced a limit of 3000 orders per day per user. How can you arbitrarily put such a limit without informing the end users, when the SEBI itself has increased the limit from 100 orders per second per user to 120 orders per second per user? I am paying 2k per month to make money, and not to lose money because of your arbitrary system changes. The high handed attitude of your support team saying you cannot change the limit and locking out a user for the entire remaining day is not acceptable. This is not how rate limiters are implemented. Please understand how a rate limiter works first, and then make changes (that too after documenting it), do not make some ad hoc changes. I want compensation for the lost trading time. @Kailash please take note, fix your rate limiter and document it
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