100 Strategies in Equity/Futures and Options Algo Trading

Hi All,

I have 100 strategies in Equity, Futures and Options. I can provide the infra free of cost and strategies at
very low cost and also I can code your strategies in the way you want. Do reach out to me at 9980763496
  • DD1365

    Last month you did not know even basic stuff like this, and now you are algo expert with 100 strategies? Wow..LoL :D !! Good luck to any client whom you can fool pretending to be an algo developer :p
  • dknaix
    i am looking for a professional Algo developer who can make a strategy that can vanish my 100% of capital in 1 minute, actually i am having a lot of money and don't know where to spent it
  • decoder_12
    Watch this playlist for Zerodha API Implementation in python :

  • naveen278
    Take a Demo if you have queires @DD1365. Dont do some lewd acuquisation
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