Free Algos for Options (You can reach out to me at 9980763496)

Hi All,
I have 100+ strategies for Equity and Options and I am giving Free Algos for Options to create Daily Short Strangle, Straddle, Iron Fly, Iron Condor,etc with the configuration file to enter your time to enter,exit, Lots size,etc.

Example : Suppose you input in the config file 9:45AM, Iron Fly, lot size 1, BankNifty, etc it will create an Iron-Fly automatically at 9:45 AM,etc everyday automatically and exit at time specified in the config file. Adjustments based on Breakeven can be done . This saves time, human Sentiments, Money due to mistakes, not able to adjust correctly,etc can

It is a free service provided by me .
T&C apply.

You can reach out to me at 9980763496.
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