I want to Get OHLC for BANKNIFTY. What is the Exchange type for this Symbol.

I didn't see any info in the get instruments response.
I tried this ->
let OHLC = await kc.getOHLC(`NSE:BANKNIFTY`);
console.log(OHLC); //returning {}

can u tell the what is the exchange type or correct way to get BANKNIFTY OHLC
  • QNA
    The exchange symbol for bank nifty is NIFTY BANK .

    For example, in Python, to get the last traded price, the following works for me:

    kite.ltp('NSE:NIFTY BANK')

    In Python, the instrument dump has all the associated trading symbols. To get the instrument dump, I do:

  • QNA
    I meant the trading* symbol for bank nifty is NIFTY BANK. The exchange is NSE.
  • sathish
    Thanks for the info @QNA
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