Issue with KiteConnect API Integration in Android Studio

i am trying to implement kiteConnect API into my android project. After following the instructions in the readme file of the github repository there is no issue until you re-build the project and find duplicate class errors because of the 'org.jetbrains.kotin:kotlin-stdlib:1.7.10' caused by the included kiteconnect jar library file. If I disbale jetbrains plugin in Android Studio(used for the app development) it still wont work and moreover Android Studio completely stops working.
I have even tried to used multiple forked kiteconnect API from github which does not contain the 'kotlin-stdlib:1.7.10' in the libs folder and still the issue is not solved.
Please provide a kiteconnect API jar library that can work with android development or atleast a sample android project for android studio.
Even if any members have solved this issue, then a detailed explaination would really be helpful.

As I have gone through many threads, I have noticed no solid solution to this Issue. I request the support team to look into this issue.

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