Why This Error coming

Error while processing CORPBANK: Unknown Content-Type (application/xml) with response: (b'<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>\nAccessDeniedAccess Denied37SR5SVKQHX3DYXAp0N3J8CneZbt/Vyl0E/OcWyi9RqblHGlnkSmxpX3gtgF1P/tst37IkyleU1DnXVE1kvU75xzp5c=')

  • tahseen
    @shinde111ms first you have to tell what you did that you got this error response

    You are showing error without sharing what you executed that resulted in this error, how will anyone be able to tell why this error is coming ?

    From what I can understand is that you are trying to retrieve or submit request with content type xml, whereas Zerodha Kite is application/json content type. This mismatch might be resulting in this error
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