Increase Historical API interval limit from 60 to 62

The maximum query interval is 60 days which is little less than two months if a month has 31 days. In case consecutive 31 day months like July and August the total number of days is 62. Right now if I have to query for a year, it takes 12 API calls because I want the query interval to be aligned with month start and end dates. If you just make it 62 it would take half as many calls. Since the limit is 60 days i suppose the intention is to allow 2 months at a go. So please bump up the limit by just 2 days to 62 days and make our lives (and code) simpler.

I know I can drop the month alignment requirement and query for 60 days back to back but that's not very clean, coding wise. With month aligned queries, I can maintain simple flags against each month in my cache/DB instead of date ranges.
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