Issue getting accessToken

I got requestToken but after that the com.zerodhatech.kiteconnect client uses below code to get accessToken.

User user = kiteConnect.generateSession("xxxxxtttyyy", "xxxxxxxyyyyy");

But the code in kiteConnect.generateSession() is as below.

public User generateSession(String requestToken, String apiSecret) throws KiteException, JSONException, IOException {
// Create the checksum needed for authentication.
String hashableText = this.apiKey + requestToken + apiSecret;
String sha256hex = sha256Hex(hashableText);
// Create JSON params object needed to be sent to api.
Map params = new HashMap();
params.put("api_key", apiKey);
params.put("request_token", requestToken);
params.put("checksum", sha256hex);
return new User().parseResponse(kiteRequestHandler.postRequest(routes.get("api.validate"), params, apiKey, accessToken));

Here we can see the generateSession() method accessToken to post the request. Isn't it wrong to use accessToken to get accessToken.

Also why using routes.get("api.validate") while posting?

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