Trading Algorithm Development & Algorithmic Account Management

At Quant Factor we have been running Algo based Option Selling strategy since past 4+ years for our clients with the objective of generating 4-5% average monthly return (post overheads). Our Algorithm runs on automated Cloud server using the robust API framework provided by Zerodha to ensure comprehensive Risk Management.

Please feel free to contact or drop an enquiry for taking the Demo and Subscription of the Income Generation Strategy. Kindly also go through the following performance stats carefully.

Following is the Reward-Risk performance profile of Algo-matiC Option Selling:
  1. Average Reward on Winning Days: 0.7%
  2. Average Risk on Losing Days: 0.4%
  3. Historical Win Percentage: 70% winning days
  4. Traded days per Month: 12 days
  5. Max Return in a Day: 1.5% of deployed capital
  6. Max Risk in a Day: 1% of deployed capital
  7. Recommended broker: Zerodha, due to their highly reliable API stability
  8. Capital Requirement: Minimum 30 Lacs (capital lower than this reduces RoI since unit cost of brokerage increases); Maximum 12.5 Crores
Mode of Operation: We prefer if you already have a portfolio of stocks or mutual funds that you can pledge to get 90% of portfolio value as margin on which our Algo can run this strategy to sell options. If you do not already have a portfolio, then we will first invest the capital in liquid funds and pledge the same to get 90% margin, then our algo will operate on this pledged margin amount. Liquid fund will generate fixed annual return of 5% which will add to the overall annual return.

Also, anyone requiring support of Quant Factor's high-quality trading & investing Algorithms development capability please feel free to reach at: +91-9749-521-023 | [email protected] | [email protected]
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