Linux vs Windows

I realize this is a difficult topic.

Could you briefly describe your experience with both platforms? What are the benefits and drawbacks of writing algorithms on Linux over Windows? which is the best operating system for running Python?

Your valuable insights could be useful to newcomers.
  • MAG
    Linux - I wouldn't use windows. Esp I wouldnt write and run programs on windows even if someone paid me to do it.
    When I give interviews that is my first question. If I am expected to deal with windows, I am out of there.

    Linux first, MacOs second - Thats it!
    Windows does not come third. It is not even an option.

    I have had systems with 3 year uptimes on Linux. Can't dream of that on windows. Wont get into details and debates around it.
  • kakush30
    kakush30 edited November 2023
    @ANL For production, linux distros, any day.

    Even in terms of performance, linux is best. In terms of support, I can give you example, tensorflow gpu support is only for linux distros, and not for windows. All major stable release first happen for linux distros and then for windows. Other example, nginx, if you try to make it work in windows, just forget it, just use linux.
  • tahseen
    Linux - Ubuntu
    Unix - FreeBSD

    Windows complete no
  • ANL
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    @MAG @kakush30 To begin with, I have used Windows since I was a little child. Psychologically speaking, I would undoubtedly think of Windows Side more. I know Windows has a lot of bugs and needs to improve more. It might need more hardware requirements to run the OS. Linux is a light OS. Efficiency: no doubt Linux is the best, but there are some user interface and operating issues if we are not Linux users. In my view, Linux is not a user-friendly OS compared to Windows. Linux is very useful for developers and servers. but not good if we are multimedia users. For operating Linux, we need to learn plenty of commands, which are not easy for beginners or Windows users. Therefore, it may take some time to get used to using Linux. Once we are familiar with the OS, then Linux is the best option for all purposes other than multimedia and gaming. There are more issues if we dig deeper. I am a Windows user, and I would say we can develop our work whatever in both platforms, but it is more crucial how we use that for our purposes.
  • MAG
    @ANL Seriously are you a guy or gal? Seems like a gal to me.

    Also, please stop tagging me in these useless whataboutery discussions mate. I am trying to help people out here based on decades of real world experience in working at scale.
    If windows works for you; good for you. But then why start the discussion in the first place?

    And then when multiple people point out linux is good and windows is not; you bring out an arcane word salad debate to justify your view point and also get us to agree to your view point?

    Windows is shit for development. Esp for something like trading where a malfunction in the OS or code can mean losing real money. If windows works for you and you dont want to put in the effort to learn linux, so be it. Thats your wish and I can respect that.
    But dont make a debate out of it and try to convince us to agree with your view point like your last sentence.

    If you want to do any real development, learn from the basics and that starts with learning Linux - the foundation or base building block on which the rest of your system / code will run.

    Peace out - please dont tag me again.
  • ANL
    Rather than you wasting time on a gender test, you may politely express your thoughts. I am sorry if I tagged you. You seem to be completely ignorant of the definition of discussion, which is the act or process of talking about something in order to share views or come to a resolution.

    I'm not here to convince you of the superiority of any OS. Considering that this is a community channel, I just shared my opinions. Perhaps you are the one who can stand on Jim Simons' shoulder. However, you are free to ask questions, voice your opinions, or remain silent at this point.

    Since the beginning, I have been a Windows user who does not sync with Linux. I'm attempting to learn Linux; when it's suitable for my needs, I will switch totally, but for the time being, I'm happy with Windows for reasons I won't get into here. I stated that Linux is not user-friendly; this is only my viewpoint. You may disagree, but I stated my position, not guilty.

    I started this topic for helping newcomers to the algo trading. The best we can do is to express ourselves nicely. If you have prior knowledge in this area, we would want to learn more about trading while the operating system is malfunctioning.
    I repeat it again. Whatever operating system we use (Linux, Windows, or Mac), it's all about how we utilize it.
  • MAG
    I would have responded but people like you are not worth my time dude.
    Good bye.
  • kakush30
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    But you can always dual boot, furthur, if you thinking of trading in microseconds, then you have to dedicate a machine toward it. Trading in microseconds is no joke, otherwise I suggest you to go toward VPS/VMs with linux, be it GCP or AWS.

    As other suggested, Linux is must, there is no other way around it. If you dont want to install any linux distro in your own system, then use the VM/VPS, and try to learn things from there. A simple VPS cost nothing

    Indeed Linux Unix are not user-friendly, but you are not doing user friendly work, otherwise anyone able to do this. Learning linux is the simplest thing, you face many other challenges,that would be far harder to solve.
  • ANL
    @kakush30 Thanks for the suggestion. I have configured Ubuntu on AWS and am connecting via RDP, but it is very slow, even if I have a higher configuration. Could you please advise me on how we can connect a Ubuntu machine from Windows RDP? From the inception, I have configured the display driver and XRDP, all the stuff, and then connected with RDP on Windows. It seems very slow. Tested many times.
  • kakush30
    Why you want to use RDP and installing display drivers in VM? Just learn the commands in terminal, in my installed Fedora/Ubuntu,90% of the time I use commands in terminal.

    Use SSH client like putty for connecting to your VM. For persistent terminal use tmux.
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