Algo trading software tips needed

Hello, folks!

I want to build algorithmic trading software for myself, and I have a basic to medium level of proficiency in Python. I’ve been manually trading these strategies for quite some time and now aim to automate them.

The strategy originates from TradingView, where I’ve coded an indicator in Pine Script. This indicator provides buy and sell signals, and I enhance it by incorporating an exponential moving average (EMA) for better confirmation. I want the system to, upon signal arrival, check whether the indices are trading above the EMA and then buy the nearest option.
Another strategy is based on Chartink software, which generates buy and sell signals. and the system should take the steps accordingly
The third strategy involves a normal short strangle with some adjustments in indices.
I’m seeking suggestions and tips from experienced algo traders or individuals with knowledge in this area on how to build and effectively run this system. Do I need to delve deep into Python, such as NLP and machine learning, or is a basic understanding sufficient? If you have insights, please share!
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