Trailing stoploss

Hi, I am running a strategy with limit order and stop loss . Now I want to add trailing stoploss in my strategies. Is there any way inbuild function where i can modify it, because now i am doing it with my code, sometimes it miss the tick and then i miss the order updation.
  • DM2290
    Hi @Zen8_ith,

    Can you share some insights on how you have implemented trailing stop loss please? I'm trying to develop the same functionality and it would nice to have some guidance.

    Thank you!
  • naveen278
    please whatsapp me at 9980763496 I will help you
  • Zen8_ith
    Hi, sry I was away on new years break so din see the messages. @DM2290 let me know if you are still looking for help on this subject. I can also assist regarding this to the best of my abilities.
  • Algorithm1X
    Algorithm1X edited February 22
    hello Zen8_ith i can assist you on that what ever the things on the traling stop loss we can automted whole things if you are intrested in that contact us
  • Zen8_ith
    Hi, Algorithm1X contact me at [email protected]
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