GTT on market price after the triggered price is hit.

It would be really helpful if Kite would allow us to automatically place market orders after the trigger price is hit.
GTT orders are really helpful for working proffessionals, however, current GTT orders (when trigger is hit) are limit orders, so if there is a high demand, the stock price goes up and the limit order status remains as "OPEN" which blocks our margin and that margin remains unavailable for other GTT orders as the "LIMIT" order is still under "OPEN" state.

So, if a option of buying at Market price is enabled for GTT orders, it would be really great. Hoping forward to see this feature.
  • Arockiya_r
    To increase the possibility of execution, enter the limit price slightly higher than the trigger price for a buy gtt and lower than the trigger price for a sell gtt.

    Market orders are not permitted for some stocks and stock options, so it is best to use the above method.

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