Lets understand Order Tag scenarios comparing zerodha UI and API

1. If we place tag from api, then it will not reflect on zerodha Ui
2. But if we place tag from zerodha UI, it will reflect in API response orders. like I pass ALGO, it comes out to be - t:algo:357764 (it converts it into small case and add some meta info)
3. Modify order will not modify tags, it will keep it as it is, Even if order firsly placed from API, or zerodha, in both scenerios , it will keep tag as it is
4. Currentlly tag can have a maximum length of 20 with alphnumeric with speical charas like :, _,#
5. If we want to place multiple tags, then place them in a list of max size 5, and each list element should follow tag validations in point 4
6. If there is an Order executed from API with tag1, and we want to add some more quantity into that orer through zerodha UI, then it will not provide the tag1 option in UI, we need to pass tag1 explicitly, but it will add some meta data as well.
7. If there is an Order executed through Zerodha UI with tag1, then if add qunatity, then it will show same tag1 option auto selected in that additional order screen, and we place order.
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