Single user parallel logins

I want to if I can login from different Algo apps for my account.
Say :
I log in from App A to get my algo running
I log in from App B to get my algo running

both the login happened at the same time but from different apps, for the same user.
  • Sree
    Yes, It is possible to use a trading account with two different apps with two kite connect API subscriptions.
  • opt4varun
    Just to be clear may be i was not clear earlier, By app I mean one app is quantiply and other app is tradetron. I can parallelly login from both apps. In this case kite app is same.
  • MAG
    Can you use one access token on multiple machines? yes.
    Can you use one access token on Multiple algo providers like tradetron and quantiply? Yes.

    But its definitely not a good idea. Unless you have a way of ensuring one app does not modify orders created by another.

    Say you use one to trade Nifty and the other to trade Banknifty, there is a clear separation between the two.

    But if both are trading banknifty, A could make a trade based on its own logic and B could modify/exit that trade based on another logic and you could end up having a mess on your hands.

    So while this is possible, its not recommended. Tread carefully as you could end up in a world of hurt from unintended trades.
  • opt4varun
    Thanks for the clarification, really appreciate the response
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