Guide for starters

sanyam1207 edited January 23 in General
So...Basically I'm new to HFT and Hedge trading and need some guidance on how to start and which language to choose what to study and how to prepare?
can anyone please help me regarding this?
  • MAG
    I can help you. But before I do, I need to know your background. Can you answer each of the following questions.
    1. Are you an active trader/investor?
    2. If yes, How long have you been trading/investing in the markets
    3. Do you have programming experience or are you new to programming.
    4. If yes to 3, how long and which language. Do you do programming as a hobby or professionally.
    5. How old are you? Are you working? running your own business etc?
    6. What is your objective here - what do you want to achieve from the markets.

    Based on this I can know where you stand and guide you accordingly.
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