Execution Speed Python vs Java vs C# vs Rust ??

Hi I am looking for copy trading solution and it's for intraday so what would be best programing language for kite connect and my primary use will be WebSocket??
  • ANL
    Deciding the program language is very crucial. Before you go with a programming language, you must decide what kind of strategy you have or what time you want to place orders. If your methodology is for high-speed trading, then I would prefer a compiled language like C++ or Golang, which is faster than Python. If you are looking to trade with higher time frames or a time-taking order-planning strategy, then it is better to use Python. Python is the best and most widely used, but it is an interpreter GIL language, not a compiled language. therefore, this all depends on your strategy or trading setup. Python is ideal for placing orders for swing or positional trades or for simply connecting to WebSocket.
  • smv
    @ANL ok, thanks for your answer , I have not much more computation but iterations over orderbook and positions so for that as per your experience which would be faster ?
  • ANL
    This is very personal. Python offers a rich library that is well suited for both machine learning and data analysis. Python is the language that "most people" use for quant trading because of its ease of use. Python can handle practically all the work. Selecting a programming language is highly personal. As I said, Python is faster and more efficient; there is no doubt about it, but the term "faster" is relative phrase. Coding is goal-oriented, much like solving a mathematical equation. Everybody's process is different, but the end result should to be the same. If you can write code that is incredibly efficient, then any language is sufficient. It is possible to write both inefficient and effective code. That depends on your level of skills.

    As a retailer trader, we have certain limits, so within those limits, almost all coding languages are good and faster, but it's very important how we use them for our purposes. You can work with the programming language with which you are most familiar. Improve skills that you already know.
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