Question about new SEBI regulation

There is news about SEBI regulation on algo trading as per the article
What is the impact of this on Kite API services and ability to place programmatic trade from algo by individual retail trader who have their own algo strategy ?
  • KamalChhirang
    The moneycontrol article is vague on this. But the person (Dharrmik) who spoke to SEBI directly, says SEBI is planning to ban people who wrote their own code.

    I don’t see the logic and I don’t know how this will improve the market efficiency. I am an algo trader, and I help make the markets efficient, which is beneficial for me and everyone else.

  • Matti
    It would be premature to speculate about this right now. This is being discussed with the regulator. The MC article is vague because that's just how much we know today. The final decision is yet to be made.
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