updation of historical data

DaneshBansal edited February 13 in API clients
I want to know about what could be maximum delay in updation of historical data while accessing through API i.e. lets say I need to fetch data for 11:59 candle of today, after how much delay from real time would I get the exact data through API
  • MAG
    From my observations it can be anything from 30 seconds to a few minutes. Historical API is meant for backtesting. It's not meant for intraday or live trading though many users try to use it for that purpose.

    From Zerodha's point of view, getting a candle generated in the least possible time is not a necessity as it would add significant costs in additional compute. For those who need realtime data they can access and process the tick data via the kite ticker websocket api and there are quite a few of us doing exactly that.
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