Sebi rules on algo trading

There are some news floating in the social media that sebi will bring regulations to algo trading. Can we get some insights on how this will affect us? We are heavily reliant on algo trades and invested lot of time and money to reach phase where we are profitable. We are very concerned on the impact of this regulations.
  • MAG
    Refer to my understanding of the topic based on discussions in my circle.

    This is all due to
    1. Unregulated fintech companies providing algo trading as a service.
    2. Retail traders who want the benefits of algo trading without putting in the work to program their own systems and looking for shortcuts.

    But yes the risk remains that because of the above actors everyone including those who have put in considerable time and effort developing their own systems from scratch will get affected.
  • avinashsringeri
    Thanks for the details. Hope it stays that way.
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