Downloading historical Data for NFO Futures

I subscribed to historical data paying Rs 2000/-
I am attempting to download all stock Futures data 5 minute interval for the last 2 days. After about 10 instruments I get error "Too many requests". Why ? Tell me how to do this.
  • MAG
    RTFM, go through the FAQ's and you will realise that there are ratelimits for api calls. You need to maintain the rate limit. The simplest way of achieving this is to have your code sleep for some time between subsequent requests.
    Please go through the first four pinned posts on the forum which will answer all your questions. 99% of all noob queries are answered there.
    And once you have read through that and you get a too many requests, you will automatically realise that 'I read somewhere that I can only make x requests per second' and make requisite changes to your code, instead of advertising on the forum that you havent bothered to read the basic documentation before starting to code.
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