MARKET order throws Check circuit limit error

Invoked via Java API

Now. as per understanding, MARKET order must not throw this error as price is "0" fpr MARKET orders.
Below is the error, why was this error thrown?

It passed again for same via kite app

"placed_by": "YPxxxx",
"order_id": "240524202781416",
"exchange_order_id": null,
"parent_order_id": null,
"status": "REJECTED",
"status_message": "Price exceeds circuit limits for the instrument. Place an order within the daily range.",
"status_message_raw": "RMS:Rule: Check circuit limit including square off order exceeds for entity account-YPxxxx across exchange for segment COM across product ",
"order_timestamp": "2024-05-24 18:00:48",
"exchange_update_timestamp": null,
"exchange_timestamp": null,
"variety": "regular",
"modified": false,
"exchange": "MCX",
"tradingsymbol": "NATGASMINI24JUNFUT",
"instrument_token": 109734919,
"order_type": "MARKET",
"transaction_type": "SELL",
"validity": "DAY",
"validity_ttl": 0,
"product": "NRML",
"quantity": 8,
"disclosed_quantity": 0,
"price": 0,
"trigger_price": 0,
"average_price": 0,
"filled_quantity": 0,
"pending_quantity": 0,
"cancelled_quantity": 0,
"market_protection": 0,
"meta": {},
"tag": "sell_new",
"tags": [
"guid": "78744XfPxLSAHDoLBl"

  • themohammedfaisal
    themohammedfaisal edited May 27
    Hi @sathyatej,

    That's correct; the circuit limit check is not applicable to market orders. It looks like the NatGas contract genuinely hit the lower circuit of 4% at the same time (18:00), which was immediately revised to 6%(+2%).
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