KiteXl fot Strategy like Spread Orders


Does KiteXL have any limitation to place strategy orders involving multiple legs?

Kite web interface doesn't allow placement of strategy orders. To implement strategies, one has to place separate orders as of now (not sure why this limitation when NSE allows spread orders).

  • botany02
    Currently kite API doesn't support multi leg orders.But that's not the limitation. You can construct your own multi leg order and place in KiteXL.

    You can place multi leg orders from KiteXL but subject to maximum throttle limit of kite server.

    Currently the throttle limit is 3/s.
    KiteXL will not check for this limit.
    So you can place as many orders as you want from KiteXL.
    But once you exceed the throttle limit, your order Will be rejected from kite server.

    To be more clear, if your multiple leg order is consist of 3 individual orders, then you can place one multi leg order in one sec.
  • kitcosree
    That is bad, An iron condor strategy will have 4 orders if all positions are to be taken simultaneously :(
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