KITE must provide Technical SUPPORT on phone to PAID MEMBERS. How many Agree ?

Developers are being charged for Kite api and history api separately each month. But when there is a problem or the program is stuck.. what the developer will do.. at the time when boss is about to kill us for not completing the task !!

How many of you agree that Kite Developers must provide technical support over phone to paid members ?
  • Kailash
    Kailash edited May 2018
    @k365 Technical problems and programs being "stuck" can happen to any developer team anywhere. It'd be unfair to bring such a broad topic up in the context of APIs here. We have a very active community forum, and an elaborate and easy to follow documentation.

    About phone support, that is most likely never going to happen. Giving programming support over the phone is not only impractical, I'm personally not familiar with any self-service devtool company offering it (unless there's an exorbitant price tag). To give you an example, Amazon AWS charges several thousand dollars a month for one-on-one technical support.
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