Login Error: ActiveX component can't create object

I get an error 'ActiveX component can't create object' when i trying to login using the sample excel. Can you please help me fix this.
  • botany02

    This error indicates, KiteXL is not registered correctly.Pls download the KiteXL, and follow the install notes.
  • seveera
    thank you, got through it.

    but, now new errors are popping up :(

    @botany02 When i click on login, it opens a login screen but ends with an error "User Access Denied, User is not enabled for kite connect!" and it screen is closed.

    then there is a pop up in excel with the error "authentication failed for the c... session. Restart App or create N... to get new session id from kite."

    There there is a non stop pop up "Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action"

    Can you please me set this up, and resolve these issues as soon as possible
  • seveera
    @botany02 this is resolved now. i just deleted all, cleaned registry and started fresh
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