[Idea] Postback URL locally

One of the ways to run server locally and exposing the server externally is using ngrok. In context of kite api, this can be used to expose postback url to internet so that kite server can call it directly (without the need of external servers).
Download relevant binaries from website and run it locally. In this way, we can avoid running external server just for postback urls.
If you have some query related to ngrok, post it in the thread and I would try to help you troubleshoot it.

I am no way affiliated with ngrok. I saw several discussion related and thought of sharing it.
  • tonystark
    Hi @sylar,

    Thank you for the insight. Are you using the free plan or paid plan? If you are using free plan, how you are handling the random URLs? Are you updating it in Kite Connect dashboard everytime you run it?
  • sylar
    Hi @ajinasokan

    I am using free plan. The url does not change as long you do not disconnect the ngrok program. I generally do not disconnect ngrok even after the day. In case of reboot, I do have to update it in connect dashboard.

    Having said that I am currently exploring kite it for testing purposes. I would definitely running a VPS to avoid problem when I am done testing and running strategies live.
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