When new python getting released.

Hello @Kailash when new Python API can release? Also I would like to help in testing if development branch is shared on github.
  • gully
    @Kailash even this goes out to me as well. I figured out that there are no unitests written at least for the python wrapper,therefore hard to maintain full visibility of the current state of Apis. Waiting for the new release of python wrapper so that I can add the test cases.
  • Kailash
    @muke5hy @gully Version 3.0 of the API with the WebSocket class is out.

    @gully we have test cases in our local branches, but just been short of time to clean them up and publish, especially cleaning up the non-public routines. If you're writing test cases, we'll be glad to merge them to the repo.
  • muke5hy
  • muke5hy
    @Kailash Is there limit for maximum number of instruments I can subscribe to ?
  • Kailash
    @muke5hy 200 for now.
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