Level 3 market depth

I have tried and asked many people but couldn't Get the answer.. Is there someone apart from Bloomberg who provides level 3market depth.. Any plans of making it available to Zerodha customers in near future?.. As a retail Trader how do I access that market depth?
  • nithin
    Check this page https://www.nseindia.com/supra_global/content/dotex/data_products.htm and also check out the tariff sheet. A brokerage firm can give out only data that comes through the OMS to the client, which is level 2. To get level 3, you would have to go to a data vendor and ask for it. The fixed cost for a data vendor to offer this as a business is quite high, hence only the bloombergs of the world are able to do it as they charge $2k per month to use a bloomberg terminal.
    As Zerodha we do have some plans to give more market depth through another route. Haven't gotten exchange approvals yet on it though.
  • ramprabhu77444
    Thanks for the response Nithin.. Glad you are taking steps to bring it in Zerodha.. This is something which will help us. I know it's not there in any brokerage firm. Hopefully exchange approves the request..
  • ramprabhu77444
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    I have taken level 3 from tickeR plant but they provide 20 market depth only for cash.. Futures it's only Bloomberg..
  • ramprabhu77444
    BTW how many ticks are given by Bloomberg per second
  • arasur14
    nse level 3 data where can i get not from nse other vendors...
  • RAHUL2015
    @ramprabhu77444 How much did level 3 data cost you at ticker plant ?
  • Nigel
    Ticker plant has stoped its service @RAHUL2015 u can get it only in thomson routers
  • Nigel
    Its 2k usd but u can negotiate for level 3 alone and tailor maje it to rs 50k like 750 or 800 usd
  • Nigel
    @nithin can we subscribe to it from u level 3 for a fee? I use zerodha
  • Nigel
    @arasur14 thomson routers
  • siva
    siva edited June 2019
    We get level 2 only from exchange, so not possible to provide this.
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