Strategy/Code testing support

Hi Team,

We are currently developing strategies using which we plan to place orders directly through the Zerodha APIs.

But before we freeze the strategies we need to test our system integration with Zerodha.

We would like to understand how we can test our strategies and code. Do you support a paper trading account or do you have any beta or dev environment where we can test this? or maybe if you have some fake symbols for which we can place trades and test our systems?

A call with someone from your tech team would be super helpful.

P.S. I have already sent an email to [email protected] [Ticket# 20171123790049] 5 days back and am yet to receive any response. Kindly get back at the earliest.
  • Pavan
    Pavan edited December 2017
    HI Friend,
    Normally I download historical data (candle width up to you) for the EOD and I created a simulator which emulates as real-time data. Another option is capture live data during market hours in a file and EOD feed it to the simulator which acts as exchange and feeds data to ual algorithm.. may not 100% correct approach but still you can evaluate your strategies what you have implemented.
  • xameeramir
    You can use this as the test environment
  • HollyWood have what you need - give a ring
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