Placing Bracket Order, yet just a Limit Order getting placed

payload = {

'access_token': 'XXXXX',
'api_key': 'XXXX',
'exchange': 'NSE',
'order_type': 'LIMIT',
'order_variety': 'bo',
'position_type': 'day',
'price': '1682.0',
'product': 'MIS',
'quantity': '1',
'segment': 'equity',
'squareoff_value': '1.0',
'stoploss_value': '1.0',
'tag=': 'ACC',
'tradingsymbol': 'ACC',
'transaction_type': 'BUY',
'validity': 'DAY'


response ="", data=payload)

Yet order placed is regular order, which I checked by retrieving the orders. In fact in the retrieved order, the variety parameter value is also regular.

Please let me know if the API Link is correct in your documentation as I see last path in the URL as /regular
  • tahseen
    Again did some work and found that the API route for bracket order is /bo and not /regular

    Your documentation on the website doesn't even mention that the route has to be changed for bracket orders.

    I mean what is this ? Are we suppose to experiment and find things out ? The correct URL for placing bracket order is

    the route /bo has to be used instead of /regular which is for regular order

    On your website in your kite documentation you have not mentioned it

    Also you have still not corrected the payload structure error in your website kite documentation
  • tonystark
    @tahseen, it is mentioned in the orders section.

    We have a couple of other modifications to the documentation as well. We are currently working on it and will be updated soon.

    Also, you can use our official python client library pykiteconnect for a quick start.
  • tahseen
    @ajinasokan I checked nowhere is the route /bo mentioned

    Please share print screen of the same. In fact from the document it seems that the order_variety in the payload internally define the redirect to the /bo route

    I tested that just now and that is not the case

    And no where on the page it is mentioned that /{___} after orders can be defined as what

    Maybe am not able to search
  • tonystark
    tonystark edited November 2017
    @tahseen, thanks for your feedback. From your experience, we can observe that our documentation clearly need some improvements. We are currently working hard on it for our new version 3 APIs.

    As an answer to your question, from the document,
    Some call URIs are formed with the :variety of the order, and many request parameters take constant, preset values. You can get possible values for the parameters here.
    And the API endpoint is given as,
    POST /orders/:variety Place an order of a particular variety
    And in the placing orders section,
    Order varieties

    You can place orders of varieties; regular orders, aftermarket orders, cover orders etc. See the list of varieties here.
    You can find the possible parameter values in Parameters section. And the response example says,
        "order_variety": [
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