access token and public token

Dear Team,

Just wanted to know if I have 3 separate programs each start at different time and if they follow process to get access_token and public_token, would this result in running program's access_token and public_token get invalid ?

Although I tested that in a day if I try to get new request_token and get access_token and public_token it remains the same. But want to confirm before writing a program for production
  • tonystark
    After access token and request token becomes invalid the next request to Kite Connect will result in a 403 error with TokenException as error type. You can have a check to detect this. If you are using official client library then there will be a session expiry hook function to handle this.

    After you log in again you will get a new access token and public token. It will stay the same until you log out or tokens get expired.
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