Ashish edited December 2017 in Mobile and Desktop apps
Hello developers!!! great job on KITE 3.0...
I hope someone will look into what i wanna convey
See Team.. one of the main reasons people love KITE (desktop) is because unlike other trading platforms its not CLUMSY... its CLEAN and its FAST, task like BUYING, SELLING, ADDING AN INSTRUMENT, DELETING AN INSTRUMENT, CHARTS etc were easily accessible... these tasks were of uttermost importance... which were just 1-click away
but in KITE 3.0... DELETING AN INSTRUMENT has become a three step process... which is time taking during the intraday trades...

Its my humble request if you could please put back the old DELETE ICON where it belonged... the trades will become much faster.... and the SUPERTREND arrows do not change COLORS when indicating a BUY or a SELL... please revert the INDICATION COLORS to the old one...

I m sure there are many like me who might facing the same problem...
overall... GREAT JOB!!! CHEERS!!!
once again... please look into my request
sorry for the lengthy discussion... :blush:
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