Where can i find someone who will write python scripts for automated trading?

Hello Guys,

I'm not a programmer so I can't write scripts to automate my trading strategies. Please tell me where can i find someone who will be interested.

Whatsapp me - 9716072106

  • manddar
    I am interested to help you, its my dream to code auto trade bot. can we connect?
  • VenkateshV
    @ Mandaar

    This is venkat and i'm too enthusiastic to learn in coding Auto Trade strategies in Python, but struggling due to coding knowledge. i do carry an TA experince of 10 Plus years.

    Could you count me as well.

    Pls whatsapp me at +65 96102642
  • kiranreddy20
    @ Mandaar

    can you whatsapp +919000209994 i need help to write some strategy
  • rishiajmera
    I'm a python developer and can help you out.
    You can reach me at +91-9099996590
  • RA5800
    Message me on 8943253311. I have already developed some strategies on Python.
  • mailboxofrafiq
    Please whatsapp me 950 000 5120.. Already I have developed a software.. I will implement for you
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