Kite developer account Transaction Failed while adding balance through RazorPay

kuldeepchp edited December 2017 in General

Kindly check
the transaction no. LSBI5903879731IGACOVKOK9 (SBI ref no.) with RazorPay, i got session error while adding balance in my developer account ( but RS 2000 is deducted from my account. Please find the attachment of session error and SBI transaction details.

I already raised request to [email protected] as suggested on call from Zerodha Team and got Ticket No. #20171222790035 but till now it is not closed. Please check on this and add the fund in my developer account.

Thank you
  • tonystark
    tonystark edited December 2017
    We have checked at our end. We haven't received any response from the bank for this transaction. I would suggest contacting your bank support for further assistance on this.
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