I intend to get ONLY instruments data using Kite and not any user specific data...

I intend to get ONLY instruments data using Kite API and I am not looking for any specific Trading account data for a particular Zerodha client.
Is there any simple way to do that?

  • GasTurbGuy
    Even I want to do just this; a way of getting fast tick data on F&O contracts. I looked into using the python client for this purpose, but I'm not a full time programmer and it looks like a lot of work, or atleast from where I stand right now.

    Ideally I'd like to get the data into Excel. If someone can suggest an easy or relatively easy way of getting this done, please do chip in... Thanks!
  • toughguy
    Any buddy to help with this question. Incase you can help, please let me know so that I can compensate for your help.

  • cisk
    @toughguy Could you be more specific? Please PM me
  • cisk
    cisk edited January 2018
    @GasTurbGuy I don't think that's possible as of now with the APIs. Currently you can subscribe to live tick data but you cannot fetch previous tick data from kite api. To achieve that you have to spend a lot and get dedicated connection from NSE (I suppose). However, if you wish to fetch historical data for minute candles or day level candles it is possible using Kite3 api.

    P.S: I have checked these for Equities and not for F&O, but my guess is that it should be the same.
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