BSE and NSE symbols for same script are different. Is there a mapping available?

Does zerodha provide a mapping sheet between NSE and BSE symbols. I used to see that eventhough the token is different for a instrument in both exchanges, the trading symbol used to be the same. so this could be used to map both instruments.
But today i experienced this, I saw 3 qty holding for NSE: AEGISCHEM, which i never bought. later i found that the stock I bought in BSE: AEGISLOG got converted after T+2 days in to NSE:AEGISCHEM. I have no way of knowing the NSE counterpart.

Please help.

  • Kailash
    This usually happens when the stock changes series (BE, BL etc.) on NSE. In the instrument master, the ISIN field should help map such changes.

    This particular case should've been handled internally though. Will investigate.
  • BaiMaoLi
    I can't find the usage, of field ISIN field.
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