'delete' button placement in kite3.0

batbark edited January 2018 in General
Could you please bring back the 'delete' scrip button onto the scrip card/tab like it was in kite's previous version.
In kite2, it used to take 1 movement * 20 taps to remove all the scrips
In kite3, it is taking (tap-movement-tap)*20.
It is really frustrating to do this all the time.
Also, 'delete' button is used more than 'buy' or 'sell' button.
So, please consider bringing it back.
Thank You.
  • prat
    just FYI you could use keyboard shortcuts to delete the scrips from market watch ....navigate with arrow keys and delete with DEL keys
  • batbark
    @prat just tried and it worked
    thank you very much
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