Order placement from excel to Kite

I have an excel sheet in which the current price of few stocks are listed.
Now, In that excel sheet I want to create two buttons(One for Buy and the other for Sell) next to all the stocks and when I click them it should trigger buy/sell order for CO/BO in Kite website.

Can anyone please let me know the technical aspects that I need to take care of and any help in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  • toughguy
    Hi Mahesh, Did you get any help on how to achieve this?

  • cisk
    @mahesh_sree What you are asking for is integration of RTD in excel. The macros used to build Buy/Sell button can trigger Kite3 apis and place an order. This is a rough idea I can quickly think of
  • dadu369
    @mahesh_sree you can do this in following way:

    1. First create an userform for buy sell
    2. Create two functions one for buy and one for sell, call that userform in these functions, with buy /sell enabled
    3. call that udf in two cell, e.g. =buy(), =sell()
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