oms connection error

Today again we r getting oms connection error with message that maintenance work is going on...

I don't understand how can u do it in live market...and u r sending message that use PI for placing order..we r doing automated trading then how can you do such things...don't give excuses like our vendor has problems n all. I want 2 escalate this matter to nithin.
  • sabyasm

    When this is charged and the platform is not in beta status. It's been almost 1 hour and the issue is still ongoing. Please note that this is not a social media api and rather a trading api where huge amount of money is involved.

    I strongly suggest - zerodha to stop charging money for the api access till it is in stable condition.
  • Kailash
    @Sumit @sabyasm The extremely unfortunate outage not just affected the APIs but the entire ecosystem. This has got nothing to do with the "beta" status of the API.

    We are as frustrated as you are and Nithin is personally dealing with Thomson Reuters to make sure such mess doesn't happen again.
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