Buying and Selling from Chart itself - Kite3 Desktop

This suggestion I am posting is for Kite3 Desktop/Laptop online version (and not mobile app version). My suggestion to Zerodha is, to add a feature in kite3 specifically for charts, wherein one can buy/sell straight from the chart itself.

Just by moving the cursor over the chart on the price at which one wants to buy/sell and then by right clicking, a menu opens, from which one can select buy/sell options. I hope Zerodha incorporates this feature soon in Kite3.

I saw this feature in Upstox pro demo version ( and I think this feature is very beneficial during market volatility (where every second counts). I do not wish to switch to Upstox just for this one single feature as I am very happy with Zerodha until now.

I hope someone will take this suggestion seriously.
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