Errors with C# sample example

I am not sure if any one has faced similar issue with the Sample application for the C#.NET API.
Getting errors as seen in the attached/below screen capture. Please can you advise if i am missing something.
I have referenced the kiteconnect.dll.

Help is greatly appreciated.
  • tonystark
    I believe you are using Visual Studio 2013. The source code is written in C# 6 which is available only in Visual Studio 2015 or newer. If you want to build the DLL from source code you have to upgrade to VS2015. Or you have to use the compiled DLL file from the release section of the Github repo.
  • paragsatpute
    Thanks tonystark. I am indeed using 2012.
    Will try to upgrade to VS2016 and see if that works.
    Thanks for the guidance.
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